Cast & Creative Team

Music by Richard Strauss

Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannstahl


Jill Grove

Marcy Stonikas

Andrew Gilstrap
Guardian of Orest

Nadia Benavidez
Maidservant 1

Mia Athey
Maidservant 2

Victoria Vargas
Maidservant 3

Lisa Marie Rogali
Maidservant 4

Danielle Beckvermit
Maidservant 5

Nicholas Davis
Old Servant

Christian Sanders
Young Servant

Creative Team

Elias Grandy

Brian Staufenbiel
Stage Director/Production Design

Mathew LeFebvre
Costume Design

Nicole Pearce
Lighting Design

David Murakami
Projection & Video Design

*Performing October 5, 10, and 12
**Performing October 8 and 13

Trojan War Film Credits
Agamemnon played by Paul Rossi
Iphigenia played by Paula Ratto
Soldier 1 played by Ian Dick
Soldier 2 played by Luke Medina
Camera Operation by Joe Bourekas
Wigs and Makeup by E.B. Bohks
VFX Artist Sam Clevenger

Original footage from Helena de troya, directed by Manfred Noa

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