Meet the Characters: Das Rheingold

Greer Grimsley


Wotan is the leader of the gods and has written the laws that govern the land. He is a power hungry authoritarian whose unpredictable and unstable actions have driven the world into decline. Oh, and he’s missing an eye.

Nathan Berg


Alberich is also a power hungry fellow. Having robbed the rhinegold of the Rhinemaidens, he forges a ring from the gold using magic he gained after solemnly renouncing love. Alberich plans to use this all-powerful ring to obtain world power.

Richard Cox


Loge is the god of fire, though he’s an outsider among the gods. He also acts as Wotan’s counselor. Loge has an adaptable character and has a strong urge to search for freedom.

Dennis Petersen


Mime belongs to the people of the Nibelungs and is the brother of Alberich. Though he lacks magical powers, he is an excellent blacksmith. Mime seeks power and always has a plan in motion to overcome all that stand in his way, including dragons.

Katherine Goeldner


Fricka symbolizes virtue and is married to Wotan. As the goddess of wedlock, it’s ironic that she spends much of her time doing anything in her power to make her husband cease his wandering and be faithful to her.

Denyce Graves


Erda is the primordial mother of the earth, keeping watch over the world. Erda is a vital character whose warnings about the cursed golden ring should not be overlooked unless one desires to meet their end.

Kyle Albertson


Donner is a powerful god with a quick temper. With help from his mythical and famous hammer, Donner controls all weather, most notably, thunder.

Jeremy Galyon and Julian Close

Fafner and Fasolt

The giants and brothers Fasolt and Fafner have built Walhall, the citadel of the gods. Fasolt is sensitive while Fafner is controlling and calculating. Fasolt wants Freia while Fafner wants treasure and the ring. These aren’t differences and disagreements that can simply be overlooked.

Karin Wolverton and Christopher Colmenero

Freia and Froh

Freia is the goddess of love who maintains eternal youth by caring for and consuming her golden apples. Walhall, the citadel of the gods, must be paid with Freia or treasure and the Giants must choose. Her brother Froh created the rainbow path leading to walhall. He is a modest god, and acts as the only symbol of order in our story.

Mary Evelyn Hangley, Alexandra Razskazoff, and Nadia Benavidez

Woglinde, Wellgunde, and Flosshilde

The Rhinemaidens are daughters of father Rhine and are the guardians to the Rhinegold. The Rhinemaidens are innocent but playful. Flosshilde is the oldest and wisest, and takes protecting the Rhinegold most seriously while Wellgunde and Woglinde are busy spinning tales of a powerful yet cursed ring.

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