Resident Artist 2020-2021 Season Videos

The Minnesota Opera Resident Artists and our Head of Music Allen Perriello invite you to enjoy the following musical excerpts from the 2020-2021 Season! In addition, enjoy the beautiful aria “Son pochi Fiori” from L’amico Fritz accompanied by an English translation inspired by the spring season. For years’ worth of more great MN Opera performances anytime, make sure to visit our YouTube channel anytime at



These woeful days will be over – The Shining

Andrew Gilstrap, bass-baritone
Jessica Hall, pianist



Go figure – Blue

Mia Athey, mezzo-soprano
Mary Box, pianist



I believe (Reverend excerpt) – Blue

Nicholas Davis, baritone
Allen Perriello, pianist



Son pochi fiori – L’amico Fritz

Lisa Marie Rogali, soprano
Allen Perriello, pianist

English Translation

Just a few flowers, humble violets,

They are the breath of April with a gentle scent;
And for you I snatched them from the sunshine…
If they could speak you’d hear them murmuring:
“We are timid and shy daughters of spring.
We are your friends; we will die tonight,
And will be happy to wish you,
Who love the unfortunate ones:
May heaven grant you all the good things you hope for.”
And my heart adds a word, modest but sincere:
May your life, which brings comfort to others,
Be an eternal spring.
Please accept all that I can offer!



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