Minnesota Opera Orchestra

Minnesota Opera Orchestra is an accomplished ensemble governed by a Master Agreement between Minnesota Opera and the American Federation of Musicians. The MN Opera Orchestra also functions as a highly collaborative ensemble working closely with artistic teams in the creation of new work. The Orchestra is also featured nationally on two PBS Great Performance specials, Silent Night (2011) and Doubt (2019).

“Minnesota Opera Orchestra brings out all of the whimsical sweetness of Rossini’s score, acting as the musical engine that keeps this comedy skipping gleefully forward and making sure that the focus upon fun is unwavering.” – Pioneer Press

“… The Minnesota Opera Orchestra … is excellent throughout, especially during the opera’s bittersweet conclusion: a soft, sad fading from earshot that needs no words to draw tears…” – Pioneer Press

Violin I
Allison Ostrander, concertmaster
Natalia Moiseeve, assistant concertmaster
Julia Persitz
David Mickens
Colin McGuire
Angela Waterman Hanson
Heidi Amundson
Conor O’Brien

Violin 2
Laurie Petruconis, principal
Elise Parker, assistant principal
Elizabeth Decker
Melinda Marshall
Emilia Mettenbrink

Emily Hagen
Laurel Browne
Jenny Lind Nilsson
Susan Janda

Teresa Richardson
Sally Dorer
Rebecca Arons

John Michael Smith, principal
Constance Martin

Michele Frisch, principal

Michael Dayton, principal
Jeffrey Marshak

Karrin Meffert-Nelson, principal
Nina Olsen

Coreen Nordling, principal
Laurie Hatcher Merz

Mike Alexander, principal
Charles Hodgson
Timothy Bradley

John G. Koopmann, principal
Christopher Volpe

Phillip Ostrander, principal
John Tranter
David Stevens

Kory Andry, principal

Matthew Barber, principal

Min Kim, principal

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