5 Reasons to See Flight

Make your connection! 5 performances: Jan. 25- Feb. 3

1. It’s a quirky and deeply human comedy.

The perfect opera for a long Minnesota winter, Flight is a warm-hearted and wacky comedy about ordinary people stuck in an extraordinary situation. By the end, it’s sure to get you right in the feels and send you out of the theater with a smile on your face.

2. Jonathan Dove is one the world’s most performed contemporary composers.

Since Flight’s premiere at Glyndebourne in 1998, English composer Jonathan Dove has written 13 operas that have been performed countless times on five continents. He has gained a reputation the world over as a talented storyteller who writes smart, innovative, and accessible music emblematic of our time.

3. The music is melodic and approachable.

Often compared to the music of composer Benjamin Britten, the music of Flight is bright, melodic, and unpretentious. From the majesty of planes taking off and the bombast of a violent lightning storm to the intimacy of marriage and the miracle of birth, Dove’s score expresses the width and breadth of the human experience with soul, passion, and heart.

4. It’s based on a true story.

Flight is based on the story of Mehran Nasseri, an Iranian political refugee forced to live in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport for nearly 20 years after his documents were stolen. His story also was the basis for Steven Spielberg’s 2004 film The Terminal.

5. It’s a deeply human story with a timely message.

Stranded overnight in an airport terminal, eight complete strangers from different walks of life come together and learn a lesson about their common humanity and what it means to truly give and receive love. At a time when it seems we’re increasingly divided by distance and politics, Flight is beautiful reminder of what it means to make a real connection.

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