Act I

Goffredo, the head of a hugely successful business owned by his old-money family, is leading his entourage to a meeting with his competitors to discuss a merger. Goffredo is joined by Rinaldo, his daughter’s (Almirena) fiancé. As Goffredo sings joyously of the impending acquisition, Rinaldo declares his passion for Almirena. Goffredo confirms he will give the young couple his blessing if Rinaldo proves helpful in finalizing the merger. An intern announces the arrival of his boss Argante, the figurehead of the opposing new-money venture. Argante requests a three-day extension before the deal is finalized to which an amused Goffredo agrees. After Goffredo leaves, Argante waits for his business partner and mistress, Armida — the real decision-maker in the business — to arrive. She arrives furious, realizing she missed the meeting, and informs Argante that the only way to avoid merging is to smear Rinaldo’s good name — a task that she is prepared to undertake.

On vacation in the Hamptons, Rinaldo and Almirena relax by the pool and blissfully daydream about their upcoming wedding. Suddenly, they are interrupted by Armida and her employees who abduct Almirena from Rinaldo’s embrace. Goffredo arrives to find Rinaldo in distress. Rinaldo tells his soon-to-be father-in-law what has happened, and the pair decides to visit a psychic who may have the power to eliminate Armida and rescue Almirena.

On the riverbank, Goffredo and Rinaldo draw closer to the psychic, when suddenly a beautiful woman appears. She promises Rinaldo that she can take him to Almirena, and he impulsively follows her, much to his companion’s dismay. Fighting despair, Goffredo makes a desperate pact with himself to save his business empire and find his daughter.

Act II

Almirena is being held captive in Armida’s apartment. She is guarded by Argante who, overcome by her beauty and vulnerability, confesses that he has fallen in love with her. He promises to defy Armida’s commands and free Almirena if she, in turn, promises to return his love. Meanwhile, Rinaldo is brought before Armida. He angrily demands that Almirena be set free. Armida, drawn to Rinaldo’s noble spirit, finds herself falling for the daring young man. She attempts to seduce him by using her powers to assume Almirena’s form. Rinaldo quickly snaps out of Armida’s hypnotic spell and breaks free. As Armida grapples with Rinaldo’s rejection, Argante appears. He mistakes Armida (still in Almirena’s form) for the beautiful captive he professed his love to only moments before, and repeats his earlier promise of love and freedom. Armida swiftly resumes her own form and denounces her partner’s infidelity, vowing vengeance as she departs in fury.

Goffredo has found the psychic and is told that Almirena is being held captive in Armida’s apartment. As the psychic leads Goffredo to his daughter, Goffredo vows to rescue Almirena and take revenge on Armida.

Back at Armida’s apartment, Armida is threatening to kill Almirena when Rinaldo returns, begging Armida to spare his fiancée. Suddenly, Goffredo and the psychic arrive and aid the couple’s escape. The four friends celebrate their reunion.

Argante and Armida are reconciled by imminent danger from their common enemy. They rekindle their flame and prepare for the coming market manipulation battle on the stock exchange floor. A sizzling market battle ensues. When the dust clears Goffredo’s team emerges victorious and Rinaldo and Almirena celebrate their love. Armida, after reckoning with her losses upon market close, realizes the merger will be beneficial to all involved. The two companies make a toast and prepare to join forces so that they may continue to manipulate the market, growing their fortunes at the expense of their new enemy, the working class.

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