Short World Premiere Operas from Minnesota Artists

Feb. 5Dear America, Beat Your Heart Defiantly, Naked and Open With Love by Rebecca Nichloson and Asako Hirabayashi
Feb. 9Chim Lạc (Lost Bird) by Charlie McCarron and Oanh Vu
Feb. 12Xylem by Ritika Ganguly and Roshan Ganu
Feb. 16Don’t Tread on Me: A Century of Racism by Kashimana Ahua and Khary Jackson

Tiny operas, big ideas. This program features newly commissioned 8-10-minute operas from Minnesota artists with a variety of creative backgrounds. The MN Opera new works team will collaborate with four pairs of artists selected through a competitive application process to support the musical, visual, and dramatic development of their work.

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Creative Teams and Cast

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Learn about the creative teams behind MNiatures.

Program Notes

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Learn more about the four exciting and newly commissioned 8-10 minute operas.

MNiatures Panel Discussion

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In this episode of Behind the Curtain, Lee Bynum, Minnesota Opera’s Vice President of Impact, sat down with the artists who’ve been working hard on their tiny operas for MN Opera’s first ever MNiatures!

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