Thank you for participating in Verismo  

The feedback session scheduled for May 20th has been canceled, along with all other MN Opera performances and events through June 30 (learn more). Thank you for participating in Verismo and we hope to see you back at the Ordway in the future.   

Though we are wrapping up without an in-person event, we still welcome your honest feedback about anything you saw in Minnesota Opera’s 19-20 season. Send your feedback directly to Paige Reynolds at [email protected]. 



Verismo is a genre of opera and translates from Italian to English as “truth.

The truth about opera is that there are barriers that keep people from attending. We know some of the barriers are that people think it’s expensive, irrelevant, and not for them. But we don’t know what we don’t know. Across class, age, race, and region, we are seeking to learn about who we aren’t currently reaching and why.

Verismo invites people who haven’t attended opera before to join us and provide feedback. (Food and drinks on us!)

What we will provide for you:

  • Discounted tickets to the entire season of performances for you and a friend.
  • Free food and drinks at group feedback sessions on November 17 and May 20, with many channels for collecting feedback.
  • Commitment to learning from participant feedback, and an intention to share findings with cohort participants and stakeholders.

What we need from you:

Help us explore and break down barriers between the broader audiences we seek to serve. Please don’t hold back your opinions. We would love to hear particularly how this experience felt for you. We’ll report what we learn to MN Opera staff and stakeholders, as well as the Ordway where performances take place.

! Spend some time on our website. This includes searching for information related to the performances you are attending and purchasing tickets.

! Keep notes on your experience with us as you peruse our website, marketing communications (emails and ads you see), at the performance venue, during the opera, and after. 

! Attend one group feedback session. Provide honest and critical feedback about your experience with Minnesota Opera.


What else should you know?

  • Please keep a lookout for your feedback session confirmation after Oct. 14. We are always available for your feedback. Feel free to email Amanda Rodriguez at [email protected] with any thoughts, comments, or questions. 
  • Your Verismo tickets will range from $15-90 each, plus fees, depending on which price zones you choose.**
  • Your promo code for discounted tickets can be used for any 2019-2020 performances. You are welcome to attend as many performances as you would like.
  • You have the option to bring one friend to each performance using the Verismo! discount.
  • Real time surtitles in English are displayed during our operas.

*Section F is partial view. Stage and/or surtitles may not be fully visible from seats in this area.
**We do not want price to be a barrier for your participation in Verismo. To alleviate price as a barrier, while still providing a purchase experience similar to what other first-time attendees would experience, we have established special pricing for Verismo participants.

Thank you California Symphony for the inspiration to launch this project!

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