Shared Values of Participation

Together with all Arts Partnership member institutions, Minnesota Opera is committed to creating a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment at all performances and programs for people from all backgrounds.

In order to ensure an exceptional experience is had by all, we put forward these values of participation:


Minnesota Opera’s Values of Participation

We respect the dignity, boundaries, and identities of all our patrons.
Everyone has the right to feel safe enjoying opera as their authentic selves and through the lens of their own personal experiences, which may be different than your own.

There is no correct way to enjoy opera.
If the opera seems funny, feel free to laugh. If it’s sad to you, cry. Whatever your emotional response, our artists appreciate your engagement and support as long as it does not distract them or impede their performances for the enjoyment of the full audience.

Opera is a social artform and MN Opera is a vibrant and diverse community.
To that end, we encourage camaraderie, respect, and acceptance. Let’s all appreciate this extraordinary art form together.


We will not tolerate any instances of harassment, discrimination, or unwanted attention and reserve the right to revoke access to anyone exhibiting these harmful behaviors.

To learn more about MN Opera’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and access, please read our Diversity Charter here.

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