Rachel Brees

Rachel Anne Brees (she/her) is a Twin Cities-based sound designer and composer. She strives to sonically support storytelling that features meaningful representation and encourages audiences to consider new perspectives. She is especially interested in projects that serve a community as well as stories about the queer experience, mental health, and complex family relationships.  She is a recent graduate of University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, with a degree in Theatre (Design and Technology) and Music (Academic Emphasis.)

Within her work, she enjoys blending acoustic with electroacoustic elements to build sonic spaces. She is interested in how individual sound cues can be built to take on musical quality. She also highly admires directional soundscapes that create realistic worlds for the characters to live in.

Rachel is also the Associate Artistic Director and Sound Designer of Picnic Basket Theatre, a non-profit audio drama theatre company.

Image of: Rachel Brees

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