CoOPERAtion Residency

Grades K-12: Tailor-made Residency

This award winning residency program is a collaborative effort between your school and the Minnesota Opera. Our Teaching Artist brings a personal touch to opera through hands-on activities, performance and more. Session topics range from solo/ensemble coaching, voice lessons, career guidance, and preparing your students to attend a live performance. 

Explore the interdisciplinary nature of opera!


Grades K-6: Opera through the Eyes and Ears of Mozart

A collaborative touring opera where students (K-6) have the opportunity to learn about and perform some of Mozart’s greatest music alongside professional opera singers! Artists will come into your opera house for a 30-minute, staged performance. Student performers are encouraged to participate. This program is ideal for students of all ages to gain their first experience with opera.

A stage or gym floor, a piano and student(s) ready to perform in the opera are required.


How do I sign up?

Contact Pablo Siqueiros at or 612-342-1604. Call soon as school dates are limited.


Length and Cost of Residencies

We suggest residencies to last at least five days in length.

Teaching Artist per visit: $150/day

Tour presentation: $650/performance


Opera Residencies are sponsored by The Medtronic Foundation.

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